1. "By learning how to keep my balance through the yoga postures, I have been able to increase my balance when I walk."  
       —SP, participant
  2. "When I joined the class, I didn't think I could do the yoga at all, but now I know I can. I feel a real sense of accomplishment!"
                       —CC, participant
  3. "I pay more attention to the way I walk and I feel I walk better. Also, my partner and I are happier and more understanding of each other"
                       —RF, participant
  4. "I have more understanding of my partner's physical difficulties.... We are more motivated to do physical things. Sex has been much better and connected sexually and emotionally."
           —BR, participant
  5. "The course really helped me communicate better with my wife about my MS"
         —JD, participant
  6. "Mindfulness training has changed the way I react to stressful situations. I have more composure and am able to deal with true stress in a more effective manner.... The course blew away all my expectations. Simply incredible!"
                       —CB, participant
  7. “I have chronically high blood pressure. After the mini-retreat I felt so relaxed that I went home and took my blood pressure. To my surprise it was the lowest I can ever recall. Now that's what I call useful!"
               —PL, participant