Have you or your partner received 
a relapse/remitting MS diagnosis?
Are you interested in learning relaxation
techniques such as yoga and meditation?  

MBSRChicago* is an 8-week program offering tools for dealing with daily stress through meditation, yoga and relaxation exercises. Supported by research over the past 25 years, MBSR has been shown to reduce anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. It has been used in hospitals and medical centers around the world.
Who is the program for? 
Couples with one member who has received a relapse/remitting MS diagnosis and are interested in learning Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction techniques.
Is there a fee? 
This course is FREE to members of the National MS Society, Greater Illinois Chapter. Couples receive relaxation CDs, dinner and $100 for participating.

Interested in finding out more?
Email: info@mbsrchicago.org
or call: 312-799-0339
Please leave a phone number 
and best times to reach you.
Classes begin soon. Space is limited.
A Pioneer Study
Offered to members of the
Greater Illinois Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society