Start Date:   Tuesday, Sept 25th, 2007
Course Length:   8 consecutive weeks
Course Time:   6:30-9, with dinner at 6:30.
Course Location:   The Hallmark, 2960 N Lakeshore Dr., at Oakdale, one block North of Diversey, Skyline Room, top floor.
Parking:   There is a garage at the Hallmark, I have stickers for $6.50 per sticker (what we paid), but if price is an issue for you, WE CAN SUPPLY THEM TO YOU AT NO CHARGE.
Course Fee:    FREE (A value of $500 per person!)
Dinner Fee:   FREE (home-cooked --  priceless!)
Additional Materials:   FREE relaxation CD's
Additional Commitments:   Filling out forms before and after the course; meeting with instructor in Orientation meeting or one-on-one; 30-40 minutes per night of listening to relaxation CD's; and one half-day "mini-retreat" on Saturday, Nov. 3rd, 9-1.
REWARD:   Each couple receives $100 at the end of the course as a thank you for filling out the forms!